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Of course the most useful link is the WEBSITE of European Walled Towns which was launched on 29th July 2015.   You can contribute to the work of further developing that site via the public Facebook Group: EUROPEAN WALLED TOWNS (note CAPITAL letters).
EWT also administers a Facebook PAGE European Walled Towns , administered by the Secretary General, who reviews all suggested posts
The old website has been phased out as envisaged by Joseph Spiteri, President but the URL directs to a Japanese kindergarten site (I think!)

Much of the old website will be made available as an archive on this research site.
The new site has lots of information about the association and the Member towns. All member towns have there own websites and many feature on Wikipedia. See 'short town descriptions' on this site for links to 28 of them on the old website no longer operate and will in time link to the new one - more towns will be added.
I am looking to list and consider all networks that currently do or could include walled towns among their members, I began with a short presentation at the Derry EWT Symposium in  October 2013. I have begun to develop this but at present just the list of links may prove useful:

"European and international networks INCLUDING Walled Towns

EUROPEAN WALLED TOWNS For friendship and professional co-operation is the basic one but is not alone.

European Heritage Networks for towns are on a European, national or regional basis. Some cross regional frontiers like the North Wales and Chester Link:, Others may attempt to cross national boundaries like the Czech and Lower Austrian but it is now wholly Austrian with its excellent website:
Both are best at joint marketing.
In Northern Spain the Alava county towns are linked in a planning and administrative federation but this has been reorganised recently so may no longer be worth including as an example of good practice.
The national link of Vauban towns in France is certainly a source of good marketing and co-operation practice for outpost frontier towns: In is linked to World Heritage status for its main sites.
The Association of Veneto walled towns also has splendid site though only in Italian and 37 members .One of the strongest is Irish Walled Towns Network

To promote both the Piran Declaration on Conservation and the Canterbury Accord on sanctuary and reconciliation, EWT could usefully exploit and extend its links with these towns and work to develop links with similar associations in other countries.
Other Heritage Networks with Walled Towns as members

Histcape European Project is producing very useful results and is worth following. IS A GREAT SITE FOR THE MANY EVENTS AND PROJECTS SURROUNDING DERRY CITY in the 400th year of the 'London' walls.
The European Heritage Alliance 3.3 (met 4-5th December 2013 in Brussels) and is the hub for all important European Heritage networks. Website has excellent links page to websites of all members although those links still refer to WTFC rather than  EWT, which is however recorded as a member.
 The very active Friends of York Walls have a most useful website:
North Wales and Chester have set up a promotional website
"Some Noted Walled Towns" is a quirky link from a 1925 Book by J.A.Hammerton.
Another is
an is an interesting history research starting point as, for England and Wales medieval town and castle fortifications, stretching into the 16th century, is
Tourism Consumption and Practice ( a new and potentially useful journal published with free access by Plymouth University. The Current Issue is edited by Greg Richards and Lenia Marques is on Creative Tourism.
A great link for images of walled towns is
For walled towns in France follow
and in Spain follow
for Malta

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