Tuesday 4 February 2014

Trencin Slovakia International Urban Design Competition

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Happy to publicise this for Renata Kaslakova, who hosted excellent walled towns seminar in Trencin in 2006.
"Trenčín is currently facing changes connected with the relocation of the railway track directly within the city centre as part of the modernisation of the European railway corridor, with planned completion in 2016.
Therefore, the City of Trenčín seeks fresh and innovative urbanistic solutions that will overcome transportation barriers and connect the historic city centre with the riverfront, giving the city a new growth impulse and enhancing its expression. The winning proposals will form the base for a new Central City Zone Masterplan, which the municipality intends to develop following the results of the competition.
Interested participants can register free of charge on the competition website www.2014.trencin.sk until 4 March 2014.