Wednesday 8 September 2010

Ghent EAUH "Town Walls do not a Prison Make..."

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"Town Walls do not a prison Make..." is a title of a paper given at the 10th European Association of Urban History Conference in Ghent on 1st-5th September. Arabarri has kindlky made link available on TEKNET. It puts the ARCHWAY results into an Urban History context of the Braun and Hogenberg Urban Atlas of 1572-1617.Walled towns featured extensively not just in the session in 'Walls' to which I contributed. Many of the several hundred presentations and papers would be of interest to members of the Circle.The EAUH website is

Saturday 24 July 2010

Bristol in the Braun and Hogenberg City Atlas 1572-1618

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Paper presented at UWE, Bristol Regional History Centre 'Second City Remembered' 23rd July 2010

Wednesday 12 May 2010

WTFC TEKNET publishes first News Letter - TEKgate1

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Arabarri has published the first TEKgate 1 the Walled Towns News Letter. Follow link to see articles.

Friday 30 April 2010

"Optimising tourism in beautiful historic heritage towns" presentation for Youghal, Ireland May 13th 2010

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Historic Towns Forum have published an introduction to my contribution to their conference in Ireland this week, which sadly has been cancelled. It is in their May newsletter - comments are welcome.
Optimising tourism in ...

Wednesday 14 April 2010

Update on DMB research activity

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1) I am working on an 'international good practice' paper about optimising not just maximising tourism in historic towns for a HistoricTowns Forum conference in Youghal, Ireland in mid May 2010. Draft paper will be made available for comments.
2) I have had an abstract accepted for a UWE Regional History Centre conference on 'Bristol Second City' for July 2010. Topic is 'How Braun and Hogenberg’s (1572-1617) view of Bristol among 400 other cities of the world may have affected Bristol’s history to date and into the future". Similarly a draft will be avialble here
3) I am presenting a paper at the European Association of Urban History Conference in Ghent at end of August 2010 "Town walls do not a prison make: uses to be made of surviving or traceable historic Town Walls in 21st Century towns and cities." A proposal and later a  draft will be avialable here.

Friday 19 February 2010


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Congratulations, Peter van Roosmalen of  s'Hertogenbosch (den Bosch) on your election as President of Walled Towns Friendship Circle and on starting work with a co-ordination group.

Currently the main Walled Towns Friendship Circle website is being renewed and updated from the September 2009 data.
Please contact Huibert Cryns, Secretary General for further information.

(Peter seen here on cycle in Lucca)