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An Archive of Walled Town Books is available for consultation on request
Town Every publication listed below can be made available FREE on request to dnembruce@btinternet.com  A number are directly linked from https://westengland.academia.edu/DavidBruce also David M Bruce on ResearchGate
Most have extensive references and bibliographies and for further research: see full consolidated walled towns bibliography.
List is updated updated to September 2017 for recent and forthcoming main publications
2017 THE BRISTOL HIGH CROSS - Hidden in Plain View 1st Hidden Heritage Conference , Dorchester, UK  - The-bristol-high-cross-hidden-in-plain-view
2013 "Sickness, health, tourism and the ever present threat of death: nineteenth century spa and seasonal travel." pp13-29 in Botterill D., Mainil T & Pennings G. Medical Tourism and Transnational Health Care Palgrave Macmillan [Very limited relevance to Walled Towns but the guide books referenced and discussed have important walled towns descriptions]
2013 “The Nineteenth Century ‘Golden Age’ of Cultural Tourism" Chapter 1 in Smith M. & Richards G.(eds) The Routledge Handbook of Cultural Tourism Routledge pp.11-18 NOTE final draft is available  and contains a case study about the walled town of San Giminignano – full Handbook from link above 420 pages, price £120
2011 “Making Tourism Integral to the Strategic Management of Historic Cities” in McCabe S. and Gale T. (eds) Proceedings of the Association of Tourism in Higher Education Annual Conference, 2010:―Restating The Case For Tourism In Higher Education pp9-18,Canterbury Cathedral Lodge, Dec 1st - 3rd 2010, ATHE, Eastbourne
2010 “Baedeker: the perceived inventor of the formal guide book in the 19th Century” Chapter 7. in Giants of Tourism (Butler R and Russell R. Editors) CABI Wallingford, Oxford. pp93-112 NOTE: a number of references to walled towns and identifies how old Baedeker Guides with their fine town maps can be used for comparative historical research on walled towns.
DMB with Prof. G.J. Ashworth 'Walled towns, town walls and tourism: paradoxes and paradigms' Journal of Heritage Tourism 4:4 299-313
2009 DMB with Brezovec T. Tourism Development: Issues for Historic Walled Towns. Management [Slovenia] 4:2 pp101-114
2009 DMB with Kropinova E. A New Russian Window to the West: the tourism of Kaliningrad Province, Case Study pp707-731 in Holloway J.C. The Business of Tourism (8th edition) FT/Prentice Hall
2008 DMB with Brezovec T. Tourism Development and Management: Good Practice Guide for the Access and Regeneration of Cultural Heritage in Historic Walled Towns. ARCHWAY Partnership Chester City Council. http://www.archway-interreg.com/Archway-GPG-tourism.pdf
2008 DMB with ARCHWAY partners, Good Practice Guides to Cultural Heritage Management, Local Transport, Conservation and Spatial Planning in Historic Walled Towns, published by Chester City Council for INTEREG IIIc'. (The www.archway-interreg.com/ LINK IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED BY CWAC  - Cheshire West and Chester, the successor to Chester City Council): Summary
2007 DMB The Tourism of Heritage in Historic Towns Chapter 5 in Bruce D. and Rotariu I (Eds) op.cit infra
2007 DMB with Rotariu I (Eds) European Cultural Tourism, Past Present and Future: Lectures from the ATLAS Winter University Sibiu Romania January 2007, Alma Mater, Sibiu ISBN 978-973632-395-9
2006 DMB with Creighton O. 'Contested Identities: the dissonant heritage of European Town Walls and Walled Towns' International Journal of Heritage Studies. (IJHS) 12:3 pp234 -254
Link to Final draft
2004 DMB 'Piran: establishing a sustainable Gem City' case study pp446-454 in Holloway JC 'Marketing for Tourism' (4th Edition), Pearson
2002 DMB 'Walled towns as gem cities' in 11th WTFC Symposium 'Conclusiones' Elvas Camara, Elvas Portugal (Also in Portuguese)
2001 DMB with Jackson M.J. and Serra Cantallops A PREPARe: a model to aid the development of policies for less unsustainable tourism in historic towns Tourism and Hospitality Research: the Surrey Quarterly Review 3.1 pp21-36

(forthcoming).“The pleasures of learning from the past: how European walled towns combine tourism with some history” in proceedings of Alive History International Conference Narva, Estonia November 2010
 2011 How Bristol Lost Its Walls (and might find them again) Presentation to Bristol Civic Society reported in Mason H. The lost Walls of Bristol BCS Newsletter Autumn 2011 p5
2010 draft book chapter (8000 words) “Town walls do not a prison make: uses to be made of surviving or traceable historic Town Walls in the 21st Century towns andcities” presented to European Association of Urban History Annual International Conference Ghent, Belgium
2010 paper “How Braun and Hogenberg’s (1572-1617) view of Bristol among 400 other cities of the world may have affected Bristol’s history to date and into the future” presented to Regional History Centre UWE, conference A Second City Remembered: Rethinking Bristol’s History, 1400-2000
2008 Braun and Hogenberg Cities 400 years on, A proposal and conference paper to XVIII International Symposium of Walled Towns Friendship Circle, Canterbury
2007 'Rethinking Destinations as 'co-tourism' ATLAS Annual Conference Viana do Castella, Portugal
2006 "Research pages": Research on Walled Towns at http://www.walledtowns.com/, WTFC Tenby (1997-2006) [Website SEE ALSO MIRROR ON THIS BLOG SITE BUT ORIGINAL WAS BEST FOR LINKS - LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE]
2007,2002,2001,2000,1999, keynote papers on 'Town Walls, Walled Towns and tourists'; 'Tourism and Heritage', 'Towns , conflicting heritages and tourism' and 'European Tourism Policy', and each year leading a workshop on Urban Heritage Tourism at ATLAS Winter University Sibiu (Romania), Portoroz (Slovenia), Pecs (Hungary)), Viana do Castella (Portugal) and Kazimierz (Poland)
2006 Review of 'Tourism Destination Communities' by Singh, Timothy and Dowling (eds.) CABI Publishing in Journal of Heritage Tourism 2002 1.1:76-77
2006 Walled towns or Enabling Cities ATLAS Annual Conference Lodz, Poland
2006 CO2 Impact of different tourisms .Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference
2005 'Living Walled Towns' at Oxford University Seminar
2005 Kaliningrad 'Lessons from Walled Towns' (delivered and published in Russian Translation by Dr Elena Kropinova)
2003 with Gournet M-A. Dissonant heritage in the tourist-historic region: a case from the Atlantic slave trade at 'Global Frameworks and Local Identities' ATLAS International Conference Eastbourne
2003 'The sound of cultural tourism' invited keynote at 13th International Symposium of Walled Towns Friendship Circle Waterford, Ireland
2003 'Transport impact of tourism in historic towns' Staff Seminar Split University, Split Croatia.
2002 Review of the 'Tourist-Historic City' by Ashworth and Tunbridge (2000) Tourism Analysis 2/3:281-282.
2001 Review of Cultural Tourism by Richards G. (Ed.) 2000 in ATLAS Annual Review .1
1999 with Jackson M.J. Measuring Sustainability in Tourism - Lessons from a study of Chepstow for other European walled towns, in Foley M., McGillivray D., McPherson G. (Eds.), Leisure, Tourism and Environment: Sustainability and Environmental Policies, LSA Publication No.50 (Part 1), Brighton, 141-155.
1998 Tourism, Heritage and Local Pride, in Swarbrooke J.(Ed) Heritage, Culture and Community, ATLAS, Tilburg, 3-20.
1996 with Serra Cantallops A., The walled town of Alc├║dia as a focus for an alternative tourism in Mallorca, in Briguglio L., Butler R., Harrison D. and Leal Filho W. (Eds.), Sustainable Tourism in Islands and Small States: Vol. II Case Studies, Pinter, London, 241-261.
1995 with Holloway J.C. Of streetscape, "sense of place" and the tourist daze pp65-71 in Rowe J. (Ed) Streets Ahead: proceedings of an international conference University of West of England, Bristol
1995 Sustainable tourism in Chepstow and Conwy, Context: The Journal of the Association of Conservation Officers No 46, June. 13-14.
1994 Tourism in Walled Towns, Tourism Management 15 (3), 228-30
1993 with Collins S., Laban, P. and Lloyd F. A Handbook of Good Practice for Sustainable Tourism in Walled Towns - Report to European Commission, Directorate General XXIII (Tourism) 92/C 51/16 (with appendices), Walled Towns Friendship Circle, Tenby.
1993 Transport for Sustainable Tourism, Tourism, the Bulletin of the Tourism Society, 79 (July/Sept), 16-18
1992 with Jackson, M.J. Monitoring and Evaluating a Tourism Development Programme: A Study of Chepstow, in Johnson, P. and Thomas, B. (Eds) Perspectives on Tourism Policy, Mansell, London, 105-12

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