Wednesday 14 April 2010

Update on DMB research activity

1) I am working on an 'international good practice' paper about optimising not just maximising tourism in historic towns for a HistoricTowns Forum conference in Youghal, Ireland in mid May 2010. Draft paper will be made available for comments.
2) I have had an abstract accepted for a UWE Regional History Centre conference on 'Bristol Second City' for July 2010. Topic is 'How Braun and Hogenberg’s (1572-1617) view of Bristol among 400 other cities of the world may have affected Bristol’s history to date and into the future". Similarly a draft will be avialble here
3) I am presenting a paper at the European Association of Urban History Conference in Ghent at end of August 2010 "Town walls do not a prison make: uses to be made of surviving or traceable historic Town Walls in 21st Century towns and cities." A proposal and later a  draft will be avialable here.

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