Saturday 14 February 2015

World Heritage Cities and personal identity as 'walled city'

Matthias Ripp from Regensburg opens discussion of World Heritage Cities with his valuable model of an annual network report; I've also just discovered Grayson Perry's (Turner Prize winner) amazing walled city metaphor self 'portrait' called Map of Days newly acquired by Bath's Victoria Art Gallery thanks to their Friends and the ArtFund. You really need to see the original to find your way round the streets, rivers and features, named for his personality traits but you may be able to make out some on the bigger version below. His inspired re-imagination of the walled town for the 21st Century suggests the basis for a 'walled towns in art and culture' exhibition at a future Symposium perhaps at the World Heritage City of Valletta or even the Lowry inspiring Berwick-upon Tweed.
a larger version of the 'Map of Days' by Grayson Perry:

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