Monday 16 March 2015

Dubrovnik - worthy candidate for European Capital of Culture 2020

Dubrovnik takes "this opportunity to kindly invite you to participate in our process of cultural transformation and co-create ideas of a future Dubrovnik." Following Valletta's successful bid for 2018, Dubrovnik represents different and important features that will make it a great and truly European Capital of Culture in 2020. "The concept of Dubrovnik's candidature is “City in the Making''. The concept builds on the dynamic principles of co-creation, mediation of dialogue, and ExChange (change through exchange). Accordingly, Dubrovnik's candidature is based on four thematic pillars: reclaiming public space, releasing creative energy, redefining identity, and reconnecting Dubrovnik with Europe and the World." See letter from the city for more deatils of bid and also my brief walled town description.

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