Monday 15 February 2016

Hidden in Plain View- Bristol's High Cross and Walled Old City

David Bruce will give a keynote paper on Bristol's High Cross and Town Walls (See link to full draft paper and below for abstract) at the Hidden Heritage (click to book) one day conference in Saturday 9th April 2016. European Walled Towns Members welcome.

mrwatson64 writes "There has been much excitement in the [Hidden Heritage]conference office and we can't wait to get the final preparations sorted. ... ; we have 17 speakers from the UK and several European countries
and some great poster presentations to come, The Association of Building Preservation Trusts has also accepted our invitation to take part.The whole ethos of this conference to to widen our understanding of what we mean by heritage and engage with the public more widely in far more of our communities before its too late.Therefore we want to encourage all delegates to spread the word about this event and perhaps we can dispel the myth that heritage is not relevant in the 21st century."

Abstract: Hidden in Plain View David M. Bruce, Visiting Research Fellow in Tourism, University of West of England, Bristol and Academic Adviser to European Walled Towns.
The Bristol High Cross is plain for all to see so long as they do not look for it in Bristol or expect it to look much like a cross. It is to be found almost in Dorset and so starts this discussion of how heritage may lose its significance by being taken out of context and therefore become hidden.

There may be many reasons why heritage has been relocated out of context: Relocating a heritage object to a national or global museum is probably the most common cause. The effect may be to lose particular, even major, aspects of its significance. It might almost be said that museums, especially national and global museums, are designed to hide heritage, at least local heritage. Larger objects may be lost by fragmentation - medieval town walls and later town fortifications in Britain have usually suffered this fate. They are often much more complete and visible elsewhere in Europe.

By hiding the High Cross, Bristol managed to hide its own medieval centre point and in time its whole Old City. That walled town at the core of Bristol is or, until very recently, was obscured; the town walls themselves lost even to the archeologists. With that loss was also lost the heritage of the medieval ‘Free City’ of the County and City of Bristol and its place in the rollcall of great historic cities.

DMB 2016

link to full draft paper

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