Monday 19 September 2011

St Petersburg Draft Town Text (dmb)

St Petersburg’s walled town is the fortress of St Peter and St Paul.
It was the 1703 first part of the city to be built, close to Peter the Great's original log cabin. It is home to the Orthodox Cathedral, which is the traditional last resting place of the Romanov Czars and more notoriously to prisons that housed and often executed generations of literary dissidents and revolutionaries. Currently it houses important museums of the history of the city and military. First Governor was General Roman/Romulus (?) Jacob Vilimovich Bruce.
website: the Peter and Paul Museum - this is a comercial website not official; 
       the official website is in Russian
Baedeker 1900-1914: Russia1914: p173-5, ground plan of cathedral; map of St Petersburg p87; inner town p103
from Neva Bridge
rom Neva Bridge

Photos dmb from 2007 visit

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